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Bret Robinson

Bret Robinson, about 13 hours ago

Parents and students!

Today is the first day of your at-home learning. This is new for all of us and although I’m sure there will be some growing pains and adjustments as we go, we can all get through this together. We will have assignments ready for pickup and delivery as previously planned, and we recommend highly that you treat these assignments as you would anything else you bring into your house. The virus can live on most surfaces for 24 hrs. We are taking every precaution to not transmit the virus to you, so please do the same to protect your home. See the links to COVID-19 for more details on the spread of the virus.

We suggest you get on a set schedule for your at-home education. Get up in the morning and develop a routine to do a set amount of time at a designated quiet place where you can concentrate and work until you are finished. Don’t put off getting your assignments done or let them pile up.

Also, we have an update for those of you who are taking advantage of our food program or would like to. It is for all students and it is pretty good! On Mondays you can get 3 days’ worth at the Pawnee School from 11:15 to 12:15, and on Thursdays you can get 4 days’ worth at the Hereford Park or at the Pawnee School from 11:15 to 12:15. If you can’t make the Monday or Thursday deliveries please call the school office to make special arrangements at 970-895-2222.

Thanks, stay safe, and DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
Mr. Robinson

Bret Robinson

Bret Robinson, 5 days ago

Update 4-1-2020
Earlier this afternoon in a press conference, Governor Polis extended social distancing and stay at home orders to April 30th. This includes all in person education so expect to return to school after that declaration expires (or gets extended again). Hope to see all of you soon!

Mr. Joey LeClerc

Mr. Joey LeClerc, 6 days ago

Google Classrooms have been created for JH and HS Music Classes! Have your student sign into with their email. click the + and join the following classes by entering the following codes:

6th: hsxrk6z
7th: iz7obxy
8th: c6r2acq
HS: e4norbl

Mr. Rose

Mr. Rose, 8 days ago

Parents of 5th-12th grade students, please visit the following link and take the survey to help us determine what resources are available for each student.

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