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Tina Pembroke

Tina Pembroke, 1 day ago

The preschoolers are learning to recognize the letters in the alphabet.

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Tina Pembroke

Tina Pembroke, 2 days ago

The kindergarten class worked in their journals and drew a picture of their favorite part of the dinosaur book we read.

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John Foster

John Foster, 3 days ago

Notice: Playing football this fall is back on the table. Once again CHSAA and the Governor’s Covid Task Force are working on protocols that may allow us to play football this fall. With this decision forthcoming, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday, we will not have trap shooting practice this week. If CHSAA and the Governor's office, and our local school board approve football this fall we will move our trap league to the spring as it has been in the past. We will begin football practice next Monday the 21st of September for both junior high and high school.

Brittany Knight

Brittany Knight, 3 days ago

Creative spelling practice with pipe cleaners!!

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