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Mr. Joey LeClerc

Mr. Joey LeClerc, about 5 hours ago

The Knowledge Bowl Teams had their first competition in Fleming today! While they weren’t able to place, each team did GREAT work and is ready to take on the Regional competition in a couple weeks. 🔥 Go Coyotes!

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Brittany Knight

Brittany Knight, about 5 hours ago

Who can jump the farthest? 2nd and 3rd graders measured and graphed how far students and Mr. LeMaster could broad jump!

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Tina Pembroke

Tina Pembroke, about 5 hours ago

The kindergarten students enjoyed learning about hibernation and listening to the story called Time to Sleep. Then they made their own bear dens.

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Mr. Rose

Mr. Rose, about 22 hours ago

FFA Members will be working at the entrance of Farm Show in Greeley on Thursday. Members will wear Official Dress and will be leaving the school at 7:30 am.

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