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Thank You:

The Pawnee School District would like to express sincere thanks to Kory Fenton from Leeward Renewable Energy, with facilitation from Board President Kevin Hahn, for the donation of 9 Dell Chromebooks.  This made it possible for the online portion of the district at-home learning program to be extended to the 5th and 6th grades.  THANK YOU!

Update 5/29/2020:

Save the date!  Pawnee is making plans for Graduation and 8th Grade Continuation.  It is our hope that we will have as normal as possible in-person commencement exercises at the school, on Sunday, July 12 at 2 PM!

You get it on your calendar, and we will keep you updated regarding the particular details of attendance.  It is our hope that some of the restrictions due to COVID-19 will be relaxed, and we will have a great celebration.  If there are still group size limits set by the Weld County Health Department, we will give priority to Graduation first, and 8th grade continuation secondly.  We do still anticipate social distancing in seating for families, masking when appropriate, and providing hand sanitizer.  As is true anywhere, if you are experiencing symptoms of the virus you should not attend

Update 5/08/2020:

END OF YEAR Procedures

This upcoming Monday, May 11th begins the last week of school according to our calendar.

Monday will be a normal day with assignments coming back and new ones going out.  These will be the last new assignments.

Thursday, May 14th will be the final day of school and student checkout.  All assignments and any school property will need to be returned on this day by Noon.

 Parents, please communicate with your students regarding these final assignments, any missing assignments, and other things that we will be taking until NOON on Thursday.  Please gather up all things that belong to the school for return to us.  This may include textbooks, workbooks, a Chromebook, an instrument, or special supplies provided.  If you have questions about what to return please communicate with your teacher.

 If you are on a bus route, you may choose to use this service to checkout.  Just make sure you get all your materials on the bus when it comes Thursday at the regular time.  If you choose to checkout in-person, please let your bus driver know.  Those of you who have been getting assignments at the school building can check out in-person between the hours of 9AM and Noon.  We look forward to seeing you then!

If you have a special circumstance that may prevent your family from checking out on Thursday please communicate that to the Superintendent by calling the school or sending an email to

If you are missing your student’s personal property, like a pair of shoes or clothes, that we missed when we cleaned out lockers and desks, please stop by and pick those items up.  We still have several unclaimed items here we are saving for a bit longer.

I know this has been quite a challenge for all of us and we appreciate your help so much by supporting your students in a difficult time.  We are really looking forward to starting some sports practice this summer and kicking off a great new school year in August!

At-Home Education Update 4/23/2020:

 As the state transitions this weekend from the “stay-at-home” order to the “safer at home” guidelines, several questions have been raised regarding business and school operations. Normal, in-person learning at schools will be suspended throughout the rest of the academic year. You can read the details of the press conference here, Gov. Jared Polis provided additional information about the Safer at Home plan during a press briefing and through an executive order issued today. What this means for our students at Pawnee School is that our current plan of learning-at home will continue the remainder of the school year.  We made efforts through discussions with the Department of Education and the Governor to try to bring our students back to school in some fashion while maintaining a safe environment, but that will not happen as we would like.  Please continue to support your student getting all they can from what the teachers are able to provide. Be safe and smart. I know we are all doing the best we can under the circumstance.  

The last day for students is still May 14th and the 2020-2021 school year calendar has been posted on the website.  Next school year will begin for students on August 17th.

Information on student check out for the end of the year will be announced in May.  

All student materials will need to be returned at checkout, including any technology devices.

Update 4/20/2020:

Good Work! Thanks goes out to all the families that are establishing a routine to support the at-home education plan that Pawnee has in place. Assignments are coming in and going out well for the most part. If you need support please call the school or email your teachers directly. Hang in there!

Update 4/09/2020:

Parents and students; as you finish up your first week of assignments it is our hope that you have worked hard, and established a routine and learning environment. Remember that these assignments need to be ready for the bus or office turn-in Monday when you will also get assignments for the next week. As issues come up with your schoolwork, please let us know so we can help. This is new and different, but it is what we have to do for the time being. We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!

Update 4/06/2020:

Parents and students! Today is the first day of your at-home learning. This is new for all of us and although I’m sure there will be some growing pains and adjustments as we go, we can all get through this together. We will have assignments ready for pickup and delivery as previously planned, and we recommend highly that you treat these assignments as you would anything else you bring into your house. The virus can live on most surfaces for 24 hrs. We are taking every precaution to not transmit the virus to you, so please do the same to protect your home. See the links to COVID-19 for more details on the spread of the virus. We suggest you get on a set schedule for your at-home education. Get up in the morning and develop a routine to do a set amount of time at a designated quiet place where you can concentrate and work until you are finished. Don’t put off getting your assignments done or let them pile up. Also, we have an update for those of you who are taking advantage of our food program or would like to. It is for all students and it is pretty good! On Mondays you can get 3 days’ worth at the Pawnee School from 11:15 to 12:15, and on Thursdays you can get 4 days’ worth at the Hereford Park or at the Pawnee School from 11:15 to 12:15. If you can’t make the Monday or Thursday deliveries please call the school office to make special arrangements at 970-895-2222. Thanks, stay safe, and DON’T FORGET TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Mr. Robinson

Update 3/30/2020 3:15 pm:

The school district hopes you are all well and safe. The district is continuing with its plans, as previously communicated, for learning at home and meals. You should be contacted by your student’s teachers this week regarding assignments. Please take the technology survey on our website.  We will also be communicating with you this week regarding picking up your student’s books and belongings.

Update 3/26/2020 3:30 pm: 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank each of you, for partnering more than ever before, with the school district in the education of your students.  All of our lives have been changed by the recent events surrounding the actions deemed necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in our nation. A special thanks also goes out to the essential personnel of the district who have met in small groups to make plans for educating and feeding your students.  What a great staff! 

What the school is doing now and planning to do:

  • Sack lunch distribution started Thursday, March 26, and is available Mon-Friday until further notice
  •  Lunch (incl. a breakfast item) can be picked up at the school or Hereford park from 11:15AM-12:15PM
  • Student belongings and school supplies are being brought to the front of the school (sorted by family)
  • Please look for and complete a survey about home technology capabilities on our website.
  • Beginning Monday, March 30, you will be contacted by school personnel regarding what types of assignments to expect for your students. Also during this week you will get information regarding when and how you can come get your students stuff.
  • Beginning Monday, April 6, if you live in town, you will pick up assignments and other school work for your students at the school office between 9AM and 3PM.  If you live on a bus route the assignments will be delivered on Monday between 8AM and 9AM.
  • Starting Monday, April 13, the next week’s assignments will be picked up and the previous assignments will be dropped off at the office between 9AM and 3PM.  Bus route people will have their finished assignments ready to trade with the driver for the new ones between 8AM and 9AM
  • Monday will be the school work exchange day for 1 week’s assignments and continue until further notice.
  • STUDENTS must do their assignments and keep in mind they are all due on Monday for grading! We recommend that you as their “teacher liaison” set aside a specific place and time that they will do school work. This will make them more successful!

 Thanks and stay safe, Bret Robinson, Supt

Update 3/19/2020 11:40 am:

Pawnee School now knows how long our learning from home plan will be in place. We will be following the plan set in place communicated in a previous update, and you can still expect to be contacted following spring break regarding the best ways to meet your needs. The Governor signed an executive order suspending in-person learning in public and private schools across the state from March 23rd to April 17th. This means if nothing else changes in the meantime, school will open again as normal on April 18th. The executive order directs Colorado school districts and the Charter School Institute to make every effort to provide alternative learning opportunities during this time while taking into account the needs of local communities. You can read the press release and executive order here.

Update 3/18/2020 4:00 pm:

Last evening, the Pawnee School Board met to discuss the extended Spring Break, and a plan to provide for our student’s needs during this unprecedented difficult time. Students will not return on the 24th, rather, beginning on March 30th, teachers will begin establishing communication with our students and their families about the best way to deliver curriculum for learning at home. We will focus on core subject material and which fine art subjects are possible. With some effort, I believe we can experiment during this week on what will or won’t work e.g. mail, online, group chat or postings, pickup or delivery.

 About that same time, we will be asking students and families to come get the books, backpacks, etc. that they left behind. We know they will need these things and we will facilitate this by bringing these items to the front entrance for students or parents to pick up.  We will also begin providing grab and go food items for students that need them. We will minimize contact as much as possible and thus areas that need to be continually sanitized. If you are in need of school supplies, please contact the office.  

I know it is your hope that we would be able to return to normal school as soon as possible, but we need to have a plan in place should this not occur. If we are unable to return on April 6th, we will launch the home learning program we put together the previous week.

Be safe and continue to check for updates.

Thanks and feel free to ask questions, Bret

Update 3/17/2020 2:30 pm:

  •  On the afternoon of 3/16/2020 an order was issued by the Weld County Department of Health that made it necessary that Pawnee School District close early for Spring Break.  Additional details can be read here: Weld County News Release.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but will resume regular session as soon as possible. Watch our website for current updates regarding the corona virus and potential provisions for at risk students and possible meals.                                                                                                    Thanks for your support and stay safe, Bret Robinson, Supt.

  • The regular board meeting will occur this evening beginning at 7PM.This is a needed meeting to decide on some important items. In order to protect the people involved in the meeting and remain in compliance with the Weld County order of social distancing, the meeting will be held in the cafeteria and public participation will have to be limited. Information from the meeting will be made available as soon as possible for those who do not need to attend.
  • After the regular necessary board meeting, 3/17/2020, effective immediately, all district events and extracurricular activities are canceled until the District reopens or further notice.This includes all district-sponsored gatherings, athletics, clubs, and community use of facilities. 
  • Extended Spring Break, March 17 through March 23, will continue as scheduled. Closing school during this period of time provides Colorado, Weld county officials and school administration the time needed to finalize a comprehensive plan for how to address COVID-19.
  • The Colorado Department of Education has waived the requirement that districts administer state assessments including CMAS. The department is still working to identify a solution to PSAT and SAT testing as well.
  • CHSAA has extended the Spring Sports moratorium through April 18. 

Update 3/16/2020 9:00 pm:

  •  Pawnee School will be closed March 17th through March 23rd. We have made the decision to extend our spring break with the guidance of Weld County in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Currently, there have been no cases reported to Pawnee School District. Please check the Pawnee School website for updated information and possible return date change.

Update 3/12/2020 11:50 am: 

  • By CHSAA directive "All spring sports and activities including practices will be suspended until April 6th to address concerns surrounding the on-going decisions with COVID-19 pandemic." This will begin for Pawnee School District with the trip to the Friday symphony and track Friday and Saturday. Basketball State Championship games will remain as scheduled. 

Update 3/12/2020 8:00 am:

  • We have been informed by CHSAA that they will allow 4 family members that the player has designated, to attend the Basketball State Championship game. 
  • Information regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 19)
    As communities start to experience the effects of this new virus, Pawnee School District would like you to know that the health and safety of our students, staff, and extended school family remain one of our highest priorities. We will continue to monitor the situation at the school, county and national levels to be prepared. We will also follow recommendations from appropriate public health agencies to include increase cleaning efforts to further disinfect surfaces touched frequently and encourage increased hand washing and hygiene efforts. Please see the latest updates regarding the virus at  CDPHE’s Daily Fast Facts. You can also access good information at the state and national level by visiting the  CDC and CDPHE  websites.  We ask for your patience as we navigate this unprecedented situation and work through additional details. As we have more specifics about what services we will be able to provide for families in need during this closure, we will communicate through our regular means. Thank You.