Senior Graduation and 8th Grade Continuation

Save the date!  Pawnee is making plans for Graduation and 8th Grade Continuation.  It is our hope that we will have as normal as possible in-person commencement exercises at the school, on Sunday, July 12 at 2 PM!

You get it on your calendar, and we will keep you updated regarding the particular details of attendance.  It is our hope that some of the restrictions due to COVID-19 will be relaxed, and we will have a great celebration.  If there are still group size limits set by the Weld County Health Department, we will give priority to Graduation first, and 8th grade continuation secondly.  We do still anticipate social distancing in seating for families, masking when appropriate, and providing hand sanitizer.  As is true anywhere, if you are experiencing symptoms of the virus you should not attend