Return to School!

Pawnee School District RE-12

2020-2021 Return to School Plans

As important as the education of our students is the safety and health of our students, staff, and community.  Keep in mind that children get much more out of school than education.

Many of you have been calling regarding information for the start of school, and although the rules of the state are changing daily, we feel as if we can communicate some good information at this point.

Many schools have elaborate plans with 13 steps to address every possible avenue of quarantine or closure depending on the spread of the COVID-19.  At Pawnee we will try to keep things as simple as possible and deal with any health concern that comes up, including COVID-19, with good communication and common sense.

School will begin as normal according to the calendar approved last April.  Teachers meeting and preparing will officially begin, along with registration for high school students, on August 12th and 13th.  Students will start their first day on August 17th.

All students will be provided with a water bottle to fill and keep at school.  Students and adults age 11 and over will need to wear a mask which covers the nose and mouth for a good portion of their day until the state executive order requiring them inside public places is lifted.  If your student does not have a mask, the school will provide them.  Regardless of how you or I feel about this restriction; it is the current law.  Students age 10 and under will have the option of wearing a mask, and if this is your desire as a parent, we will help enforce it.

Students will be kept in cohort groups according to their grade(s) and interaction between cohort groups will be limited to prevent any spread of virus.  This also allows smaller group quarantine if necessary rather than the whole school.  We will follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC and State Health Department for safety and prevention.



Some of the things you will see in place to protect your students and staff:

·        Additional cleaning and disinfecting of the school

·        Hand sanitizer stations readily available at entrances, classrooms, cafeteria, and classrooms

·        Additional monitored sick beds

·        No-touch faucets and flushers installed in restrooms

·        Training of students  regarding proper hand washing and social distancing

·        Special disinfection blowers that can be used on all surfaces which prevent the spread of germs for 72 hours.  These will be used daily on all occupied areas including busses.

·        Automatic door openers installed on the main entrance of the school

·        An additional server in the cafeteria for breakfast and lunch eliminating any student self-service

·        The use of alternate arrival times for students and cafeteria use

·        All tables in classrooms have been replaced with desks to promote recommended social distancing.

·        The 2nd and 3rd grade room has been doubled in size by removing a wall to accommodate the larger class coming in.

·        The HVAC system fans will be turned up to increase fresh air flow.

·        Parents should conduct a health screening at home every day.  Students and adults will be screened, and documented, before boarding a bus or entering the school building.

·        Campus will be closed to visitors.  This will include lunch with your student, parties, and the tradition of senior citizen lunch on Thursday.


Look for more information as it becomes available regarding any changes or updates including information on Back-to-School Night!  We look forward to a great year, and getting school back to ‘as normal as possible’!

Thanks, Bret Robinson, Supt.