In-Person Learning Update

Update for School back in regular session;


The district has completed the first week of in-person learning.  It is great to have the students back and getting into a routine with their teachers and friends.  We are following the measures required and suggested by the state for keeping your student and their teacher safe.  We know some of these restrictions are not comfortable but it is our hope that we will be able to remain open by minimizing opportunities for virus transmission.  Please continue to conduct your at-home screening as previously suggested and we will supplement this by taking additional screening precautions at school.  Students 5th grade and up are wearing masks and younger students have the option.  Students are not required to wear masks during physical exercise, mealtime, or when they are outside.  Teachers are also stepping away to take breaks from the masks throughout the day.  We are providing water bottles for every student that they can fill and keep at school.  They will be sanitized twice per week.  This is a difficult time and we know that many places have fewer or no restrictions.  It is our hope that the precautions we take, along with the extra cleaning, will help keep the school open for your students.


Thank you!