The Junior High Football game on Friday will start at 4:30 p.m. instead of 4:00 p.m. Thanks
about 2 months ago, John Foster
Good morning Coyotes! The junior high volleyball game with Weldon Valley will be today (Monday October 11th) at 4:00 p.m. We hope to see you at the gym later today!
about 2 months ago, Morgan Johnston
PreK through 2nd grade had so much fun at the pumpkin patch on Thursday! We learned about how pumpkins are grown and this farms patch had 36 different varieties of pumpkins! 🎃
about 2 months ago, Brittany Knight
kids on bus
learning about pumpkins
Huzzah! The medieval times are upon us! The Lords and Ladies of Pawnee School will be celebrating homecoming from October 11th - October 15th. Join the fanfare by dressing up and participating in activities. Come one, come all, come ready to participate in this year's medieval masquerade!
about 2 months ago, Morgan Johnston
Homecoming Flyer
1st Graders made a large Ocean Food Web! They learned about producers, consumers and apex predator!
about 2 months ago, Christie Girmus
Ocean Food Web
1st Graders using their jump rope skills from P.E. at recess
about 2 months ago, Christie Girmus
got it
Grover FFA is selling FFA apparel and gear as part of this year's fundraising efforts. Items will be purchased through an online store. Items will be available from Now until October 14th through the online store. And are expected to ship October 30th. Shipping direct to your home is available. Link to the store -
2 months ago, Mr. Rose
The kindergarten students had a great time choosing a project from our math book and working on it the last two afternoons! They each did a great job. We had 4 students make their own hole for a miniature golf course, 2 students make clay models of flowers and compare them, and one student make a poster of all he knew about spiders.
2 months ago, Tina Pembroke
The boys made a mini-golf course.
Qaletaqa and Kinsey made models of flowers from clay.
Judah made a poster about spiders.
The students made a mini-golf course.
Attention Parents/Guardians: On September 29th, students in grades 8-12 will be attending a field trip to NJC in Sterling to hear a motivational speaker. Permission slips will go home today, and transportation will be provided by the district. If your student is in Student Council, they will be staying through lunch for an additional session with the speaker as part of the North Central League Student Council activity.
2 months ago, Morgan Johnston
Please note that tomorrow is picture day at Pawnee School. Your student(s) will be bringing their photo order form home tonight, so please be sure to fill that out and send it with them tomorrow morning. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the office at (970) 895-2222.
2 months ago, Morgan Johnston
Please note that the high school football game against Fleming has a new start time. The game will begin at 3:00p.m. on Friday, September 17th at the Pawnee School. We hope to see you there! Go Coyotes!
3 months ago, Morgan Johnston
The junior high and high school athletic teams will travel to Peetz to play volleyball and football tomorrow. We expect to return to the school between 11:00 and 12:00. Thanks Mr. Foster
3 months ago, Morgan Patton
The Friendship Alliance Church Youth Groups will begin meeting Wednesday September 8th. This year we will have two groups. The 5th-8th graders will meet right after school on Wednesdays from 4-5pm at the north church. A snack will be provided. The high school group will meet Wednesdays after football practice until approximately 7pm at the north church. We may need to extend our end time a bit as we will be serving the high school a full meal before we start the lesson. Our goal, however, is to get the kids home at a decent time so they have time for homework, chores, family etc. If you have any questions, please call or text Brenda Haun at 970-396-5900. We will follow the school schedule. If school is let out early or not in session for any reason, we will not have youth group on that Wednesday.
3 months ago, Bret Robinson
Please see our website for new covid safety information.
3 months ago, Bret Robinson
The National FFA Organization is seeking individuals interested in serving as finals round judges for the national level agriscience fair, national chapter and agricultural proficiency national winner selection. The judging will take place virtually in September. Anyone interested in becoming a judge should contact Dylan Rose for information and application. Fair interviews will take place 10th-17th. National chapter interviews on 28th. Proficiency interviews 20th-24th.
3 months ago, Mr. Rose
Game Rescheduled. Please note that the High School Football Game with Briggsdale will be played Monday September 6th at 6 P.M. at Briggsdale.
3 months ago, John Foster
Pre-School had so much fun their first week!
3 months ago, Brittany Knight
kids building
Due to a positive covid test the football game against Deertrail has been postponed until October 29th @ 2 P.M. at Pawnee. Thanks, Coach Foster
3 months ago, John Foster
Early Release The district has had some sickness among the students, and just this morning we discovered that some of it is COVID. It is best that we send students home early today and switch to remote learning for next week. Please watch your student for symptoms and have them tested for your peace of mind if needed. The plan to return to in-person earning is Sept 7. Busses will run at 11AM and parents are able to pick students up at that same time today. Thanks, B. Robinson, Supt.
3 months ago, Bret Robinson
Pawnee School is dedicated to keeping its students, staff, and community safe and healthy. As we begin a new school year, some updates have been made to our return to school plan. View these, and other important updates on our website!
3 months ago, Morgan Patton