Congratulations to our Grover FFA Creed Speakers who achieved the following at District Leadership Conference in Briggsdale today: Bronze Category - Jeremiah Sparks Silver Category - Corey Mowery
4 months ago, Mr. Rose
Creed Speaking
Thank you for your service Veterans!
4 months ago, Christie Girmus
KF pic
The preschool students made hats to show what they are thankful for.
4 months ago, Tina Pembroke
The students with their hats.
The preschool and kindergarten students made homemade bread in a bag and butter.
4 months ago, Tina Pembroke
The students were looking at the butter.
Phynix was mixing the bread dough.
Onyxx was helping to measure the ingredients.
The students are tasting their bread with butter.
The preschoolers are learning about Thanksgiving and thankfulness this month. Last week they made turkeys with Play-doh and colored straws for feathers.
4 months ago, Tina Pembroke
Gemma and Zander are putting straws in their turkeys.
Onyxx is working on her turkey.
Lucy is putting her turkey together.
Zander and his turkey
Students at work on a “Thursday Project Day”. On these days, students are challenged to start and complete a small project in one class period. It might be useful, pretty, practical, or decoration but should be completed within just the day’s class.
5 months ago, Mr. Rose
Cash, Donavon
Some pictures from the high school trip to Construction Con yesterday. Students had opportunities to operate different kinds of machinery, try out skills in specific trades, visit with colleges, trade schools, and universities about program and certification offerings and speak with businesses within the industry who offer apprenticeships, internships, and no-experience-needed jobs.
5 months ago, Mr. Rose
Sarah Sparks usu if hand signals to direct crane movement
Cash Haun driving the wheel-loader simulator
Drake Graham operating a crane
Cole Mowery operating mini excavator
Thanks to everyone who came to the community dinner/Halloween Bash on Saturday! What a fun night! Thanks to those who contributed a Trunk to our Trunk-Or-Treat as well!
5 months ago, Laine Burke
The Grover FFA members who attended National FFA Convention last week are back and have many experiences and photos to share. Here's a couple from some of the different opportunities we had while we were away.
5 months ago, Mr. Rose
Iowa 80
World's Toughest Rodeo
Anderson Apple Orchard
FFA National Convention is going well!
5 months ago, Bret Robinson
Here are more pictures from the pumpkin patch. Everyone enjoyed the trip. Some of them were very tired by the time we went home.
5 months ago, Tina Pembroke
The students taking a nap on the way home.
The preschoolers taking a ride.
Donnie helping the kids go down the slide.
The students pumped water to push the ducks down.
The preschool and kindergarten students enjoyed the visit to the pumkin patch.
5 months ago, Tina Pembroke
The whole group took a group picture.
Phynix rode on the zipline.
Lucy picked her pumkin.
Onyxx went down the slide.
Pumpkin patch field trip PreK-2 grade.
5 months ago, Christie Girmus
A Note from Mrs. Fox 🎵 We would like to use ukuleles for our Veterans Day performance, but we are in need of a couple more. If you have one around the house and would like to lend it to us, please send it to school with your child. Thank you!
5 months ago, Leona Montgomery
A note from the Music Teacher! Hello everyone! Second quarter is upon us, and performances are fast approaching. Your 6th - 12th-grader should be preparing for our upcoming Veterans program by practicing at home at least one hour per week. Practice time is generally the only homework assigned for band classes. Please mark your calendars for our November 10 and December 15 performances so you can experience the fruits of their labor. Thank you for your support!
5 months ago, Deb Bauer
School will be dismissed at 1pm today - Thursday, October 13, because of plumbing issues. Buses will be leaving the school at 1pm and there will be NO soccer practice.
5 months ago, Deb Bauer
The kindergarten and preschool classes enjoyed decorating the classroom door.
5 months ago, Tina Pembroke
The preschoolers showed off their work.
The kindergarteners showed off their work.
The preschoolers wrote their names on the poster.
Phynix signed her name on the poster.
The kindergarten and preschool classes had a great time playing tug of war! A couple of the students showed me how strong they were after it was over.
5 months ago, Tina Pembroke
Lucy showed me her muscles.
The students played tug of war.
Gus showed me his muscles.
The preschoolers pulled on the rope.
1st and 2nd graders making musical instruments to explore sound.
5 months ago, Christie Girmus
The third grade rocking their Coyote door for Homecoming!
5 months ago, Carla Nussbaum
third grade coyote door